TP BBE 2009 – 30th Anniversary Edition

No I am not remaking the movie , “The Wiz”. BUT I am remaking how people do their 30th birthday. We have plenty of events for you all this year. Check out the list below.

If you are interested or you’re on the fence about an event, contact me anyway so I can get a idea of your plans :

JULY 18th Weekend

This is the LONGEST line in America. Right here in Lake Tahoe. You have to try this! Also when was the last time you went to Tahoe without there being any snow? Come on.. I know you are curious. We will also check out some trails around the area.

JULY 25th Weekend
Hang gliding!!!!!!

Oh Yea baby. Let’s sail through the sky and try to dodge trees hang gliding just north of San Francisco!

AUGUST 1st or 8th weekend
Water Rafting!!

Who is down for some water rafting!! We’ll check out the American River just outside of Sac Town. I am not Huckleberry Finn but I am ready to get my paddle on!

AUGUST 14th – 16th
TP BBE Goes to Vegas!

Benny: “Is that a baby version of me?”

That’s right baby Benny. We are all going to Vegas. Invite your friends, family, spouses, relatives and baby mommas! You have over a month to plan. So NO excuses :-) Don’t forget your swimming gear! Well, come to think of it. CT, we don’t need to see any more skin of yours.

!!!!!Holla at me!!!!!

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2 Responses to TP BBE 2009 – 30th Anniversary Edition

  1. Abe says:

    Hahahaha, your photoshopping skills get better every year!

  2. -TP- says:

    Oh yea man. I am ready for the big time now.

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