Do-licious !!

TP has gone “Pretty Boy” with the dread locks coming off!
He got cut up and dripped out from head to lobe.
After five years of “lockin it”, it was time for change. And I am not talking about Obama.
TP had to keep the fans coming back for more. And there is nothing like a new Do and bling-blizzel on the ear lobes to kick it up a notch.
“Holla at cha Boy” and be on the look out for “TP BBE 30th Year Addition” coming up next month!!
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2 Responses to Do-licious !!

  1. Anonymous says:

    You look like Jamie Foxx. Only with no Jamie and no Foxx.

  2. -TP- says:

    There is nothing like Hater comments to know one is on the right path :-)

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